Comic Book Club: FIVE GHOSTS vol. 1
We're lining up the first NerdSync Comic Book Club for you great Patrons! On the last hangout, we had decided on doing volume one of the Image comic Five Ghosts. It's a really fast and easy read that's packed full of great supernatural action and wonderful visual storytelling. Here's the description so you get a feel for what you're in for: "A BOLD NEW ERA OF PULP ADVENTURE BEGINS HERE! After a tragic encounter with an artifact known as 'The Dreamstone,' infamous treasure hunter Fabian Gray was possessed by five literary ghosts and has been granted access to their unique abilities." It's really good, and I look forward to reading it again and discussing it with you all! You can buy it digitally on Comixology for $10. You can also grab a physical trade from Amazon for around the same price, or you can buy a used copy for about $5. Or just borrow it from a friend if you know someone who has it. Comixology: Amazon: Let me know what days and times work for you for later in this month for the hangout. We usually do them later in the week on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. Let me know all the details as soon as you can so we can hammer out a day and time that works for the most amount of people.