When I turned 30 I made this, so I figured it needed update for 40.  Was thinking back on just how much happened to me in my 30s, it's amazing. Here's a brief recap...

My thirties started with me working on webcomics full time. I think at the time I was bringing in about $3000-4000 a month with comics and freelance work, but mostly from YIRMUMAH.

2006 was really the BEST year of my creative endeavors, as Yirmumah was doing well, then Hero By Night hit in the summer and kinda killed Yirmumah. I had some REALLY good money years.

2007 I was shuttled around the country, toasted at fancy rooftop parties during San Diego and treated like an upcoming big deal comics. It was fun, but I remember thinking, this can't last....

2008 the publisher crashed and burned and I went from making 80k one year to almost losing my house. It was a scary year dealing with creative depression for the first time and feeling like an absolute failure. At some point that year, the Universe brought me to the Flobots...

2009 -2010 I was back to freelancing full time and consulting. I was "Fighting with Tools.

2011 was a blur but felt like a good , stable time. I also got way into tiki stuff.

2012 I built a local roller derby league for my ex-wife from nothing, and using all of my art and promotion skills I was able to pack our opening bout with about 600 people! We went from 10 girls to 75 that year (Compared to now when like 15 people show up for games and they have to bring their own chairs, lol) At the very end of the year I went back to a day job because I was tired of chasing down paychecks from clients and freelance just wasn't for me anymore. I wanted some sense of stability for my family.

2013 My world kinda collapsed around me. Heartbroken and in disrepair. Pushed out of just about everything I loved. It was really the worst year of my life. My ex-wife had carried on a long affair with one of the sponsors (yeah, the dipshit sticker guy) By the end of it I decided too many lines had been crossed. So I moved on and moved out. I definitely found out who my TRUE friends were.

2014 Was a year of rebuilding and healing for me. Plucked many knives from my back. My divorce was final by May.  This year learned that I could still trust the RIGHT people. I became "facebook official" with my new girlfriend, Ally Monroe, who helped drag me out of the creative depression cave I was in. We moved in together and life has been truly awesome again. I'm lucky that in all the madness, the universe seemed to serve up what I was always wishing for all along.

2015 I put the negative junk behind me and focused on the future. Made new rules for myself. Studied a lot of Stoicism. Planted many seeds and worked my ass off.

2016 Starting this year off, the first year of my forties, I'm looking forward to seeing what grows and what adventures await. I should also probably exercise more. Or at least exercise at all.

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