Comic Launch Progress: Part 2
Deal With It  my webcomic is launching in just a few days. Consume & support here at my Patreon for only $1 or $3+ for extra stuff.  Some of the extra stuff you will get to see at the $3+ level after the launch will be behind the scenes process work. Here is some of the work going into this weeks comic. 

Above you will see some of the different layers I am creating. Some were shown in the last post but now combined with some FW Acrylic inks on duralar.  The inks used were white, fleshtint, rowney blue, process cyan, lemon yellow, and speedball super black.  

Now moving on to inking/watercolors. I used a #4 round winsor & newton sable brush with my jar of dirty cleaning water from rinsing my speedball black ink. This is done on the orginal pencil drawing I posted earlier.

Below are some FW Acrylic inks on duralar for this Trump face that will be super tiny once it's in the comic. Probably a waste of time but even though it will be super small I don't want to leave out certain details.

This is where it gets interesting and my experiment comes to life. Once I scanned in all of my layers I combined them in photoshop. Still have a little cleaning up to do where things didn't quite line up. This is probably creates a ton of extra steps similar to traditional animation but I like the look that it creates.  Using the inks on the duralar once scanned and combined gives a nice little glow or stained glass look to the colors. 

Finally for that last part of this process update I took a day and created a video for my Patreon page.  It's really cheesy but I am happy with how it turned out.  It pays tribute to one of my favorite movies and helps promote my work at the same time. So be sure to check it out on launch day and share with the world if you want. 

Again please check out the different reward levels and find somthing you like. See the comic here on Patreon first before it makes the journey through the rest of web. Please share and follow at the recommended sites below. I will be doing some kind of contest/giveaway with the launch so be sure to check back for details.  Thanks!

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