Comic Shops & Coloring Books
Just a quick update to let you know that the money generated by the lady portrait coloring book (sample page featured above) was donated to the International Rescue Committee today. It wasn't much ($17) but considering how it was generated I like to think it meaningful. 

I'm colorizing and putting in the text and word bubbles on prequel page seven today. I've started to make a point of visiting comic shops when traveling and leaving Trinadot postcards. With names like Comic Bug and Electric City Comics I'm eager to visit them all! I challenge myself to take a selfie in every shop I visit from now on.  

Of the content I've absorbed recently, if any of you care to suggest or discuss anything, the audiobook The Pluto Files by Neil Degrasse Tyson and the movie The Revenant directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Of the book: once we've labeled something accurately does it actually change the object? Not really, instead it helps us navigate the other objects and phenomena in the universe, (ie. don't let nostalgia hinder scientific understanding.) One such phenomena I greatly appreciated learning was Hydrostatic Equilibrium, the process space objects go through to become round. You only need half the mass of Pluto to start becoming round, apparently. I can't help but wonder if surface tension, which creates droplets of water, could be related. As for the movie, nature was presented as spacious and beautiful offset by the brutality and tenderness of humans possessed by survival and justice. For those of us in the theater who rarely spend time extracting our food from the environment or defending ourselves from other humans the film is successfully gripping. 

I will leave you with a planet quote I liked from Tyson's book, "... whenever you have a thick, rich atmosphere, you have storms..."