COMIC SINS - Ch. 6 "Choice"

Chapter 6. Choice

The child’s warm embrace sunk deep into the monster’s heart. His bones began to slouch under the pressure, and his relaxed arms came up to hug the human in return.

“f-frisk…” The skeleton began. “i-i just can’t help thinking…” His voice started to shake. “what kind of world the underground is without you. i’ll never know.”

The human looked up at him perplexed.

“i mean, you have such an amazing impact on the people around you.” Sans said with certainty. “you affect the lives of so many.”

This puzzled the child. “What are you saying, Sans?”

“human.” Sans announced. “just one person makes all the difference. don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re not important.”

Sans squeezed his bony arms tighter before letting go. He turned his body away, but could not tear his sight from the innocent one.

“Sans.” The human interrupted. “What’s all this… timeline business?”

The monster looked down at the young one a bit addled. “do you know what time travel is, frisk?” Sans felt that was a dumb question. Of course they knew. The human could time travel themselves, right?

“Of course I do. I see it on TV all the time.”

“well,” Sans exhaled. He let himself have a seat on the couch, slouching from all his aches. “what i’m dealing with is a lot more complicated than that.”

“Oh.” Frisk sighed. “How’s that?” They asked, taking an uncomfortable seat next to him.

“do you know what parallel universe theory is?”

Frisk could sense the bewilderment on their own face. Perhaps it was a little beyond their own understanding.

“okay. say you were trying to decide what cereal to have for breakfast this morning. and you’re between flower flakes or yumi-o’s. which do you choose?”

The child was caught off guard by the question, but pleasantly answered anyway. “Yumi-O’s!”

The skeleton reached up and rustled the child’s hair playfully. “hehe, good choice.”

Frisk stretched upward and attempted to straighten out their hair, smiling. Finally, the tension began to fade.

“now, you still could have just as easily chosen flower flakes, but you didn’t. however you just made a choice with another equally possible outcome. and now there is another universe that exists, where everything is exactly the same, except you chose flower flakes. maybe the two worlds aren’t that different, but none the less, both universes exist besides one another.”

Frisk sat up trying to wrap their mind around this presented new concept. “Whoa.”

“precisely. maybe their futures aren’t that different. maybe what you had for breakfast doesn’t impact your day or your life. or maybe it does. perhaps the flower flakes get stuck in your teeth, or perhaps you choke on them.”

The human put their hands up to guard their neck in dismay.

“haha, don’t sweat it, pal.” Sans assured with a weak smile. “you’ll do great things in your life. and if you just make the right choices… i’m sure you’re gonna have a good time.”