Comic Store Lycanthrope 2
Commissioned by :pikminpedia:

He shuddered and closed his eyes. He dropped the comic book and hoped nobody else was watching.

He wasn’t completely sure what to expect when he opened his eyes. what he saw were clawed paws now, and fur poking through his clothing. He’d evidently put on some pounds as well, as his frame was far ‘huskier’ than he knew it should be… well when he was a human.

He didn’t qualify as that right now. He felt ears, and a fluffy tail, he also felt the floor through his paws, his shoes hadn’t put up a very good defense. He looked in the shop window, he was right! He was the werewolf from the story. He heard the restroom’s toilet flush and realized the owner would be back soon.

He quickly picked up the comic book and put it on the shelf, and then he bolted out of the door.