We've figured out a style to go with for the final artwork. We're gonna go with a more traditional "comic booky" art style. My challenge is to keep it dark and serious, but I'm pretty sure I can do that. Matt is going to start digging deeper into his script to make it as theatrical and thematic as possible. We're also grabbing the help of Beard Grizzly and AnonPig to observe and council; we want to make sure that there are no errors we might miss.

We've got about 9(ish) weeks to get this done so we're starting to pick up steam. AFTER the video is done, I plan on formatting this into an ACTUAL comic book with panels and word bubbles and the works. We might be able to get it printed into a small book, but we'll have to check with Bungie if we intend to sell it. We'll probably just give them away as prizes or patron rewards.

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