Comics? Aren't you busy enough Klaus?
I was thinking about pimping my show and movie at local events, but then I realized I have no physical stuff to sell. I doubt buying a stock of t-shirts would be very cost effective. So comics? It would be really cool to start an Emergency Tower comic book to fill in all the plot holes I've written into season 2. But first I need a new tablet. I lost the pen for the one I had before. They're expensive as hell and I'm down to working 3 days a week (also I have other expenses for the actual show), so It'll have to wait quite some time.

The next animation cast won't be an animation cast. It'll be a commentary track for season 1 of Emergency Tower. I wanted to make a nice home-video version of season 1 packed with extras, but the show hasn't taken off like it should to warrant something like that. If season 2 makes me a super rich successful celebrity I'll make an awesome set including both seasons, a video game, and toys! Sigh - dreams... Otherwise you'll just get the game, probably sometime after season 2 next year.

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