Comics, Chocolate, & Gardens
 Hey! I've not forgotten about you all, and I hope you've not forgotten about me! 


I've been flying my way through my Master Gardener training (did you konw I was doing that? I alwasy forget to tell people stuff - ) and I'm about half way through. When I'm done with the training. I've become obsessed with plant propagation - where you take a twig from a growing plant and try to make it root. So far I'm having some outstanding luck, which is a nice change of pace. I'll have a bunch of images of gardens and things like that to share with you (if that's your sort of thing, and I hope it is!) 


In addition to all the gardening classes I've been taking (and I had NO IDEA it would get as indepth as to talking about electron charges. Apparently that's a thing that even non-chemists need to know!) I've also been tinkering again with All the Growing Things, and have been slowly drawing out more of Maude's adventure. I am impatient to start posting AtGT again, but I want it to be a milestone, so I am thinking I'm going to start posting it here, as a thank you for helping support me! 

Era of Great Wonders is ready to start posting again, and I'm going to do a series of teasers to let people know this is happening. Apparently you're supposed to tell people when you do things, and you should err on the side of spam (egads!) so that the morning people who didn't see it in the evening will see it, and vice versa. I'm super worried about  bothering people with.. well... with my sheer existance, but I think I need to get over that!


Last but not least, I have a Chocolate Fantasy thingy I signed up for that happens March 11th. I'm going to take a TON of pictures to share with you all, because it's about 200$ a ticket, and it's also pretty far away from a lot of you folks. But I'm working on a chocolate sculpture, and I think it'll be neat for you all to see the process!

Okay, time is scarce, and if I don't hit "send" this is going to sit on my dashboard and haunt me! Stay tuned folks, STUFF IS HAPPENING!


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