ComicsExplained (Rob Jefferson) | NerdSync Podcast #36
Rob Jefferson from the YouTube channel ComicsExplained guests on the podcast today and talks about how he got started making videos about strictly Marvel comics and characters, and how he recently expanded into DC's territory as well. He also explains how his channel blew up thanks to Reddit and a well-timed video about Scarlet Witch, and how he forged friendships with other comic book channels to create the popular Weekly Pull Podcast! We finish up the show with some stories of his adventures at New York Comic Con, and whether or not indie comics will have a place on his channel in the future. Check out the ComicsExplained channel: iTunes: SoundCloud: Every Monday, the NerdSync gang likes to review the latest comic book movies and tv shows, explore and debating interesting topics, interview other nerdy YouTubers, and even quiz each other on their comic book knowledge!
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