Comicverse #5 Corrections, Part 2
At left is the original page 31, at right the reworked page.

This is the page that needed the most reworking, for 2 reasons: One, I drew the wrong Rei in this scene (if you've read this story you'll recall that the main characters were duplicated, and it is crucial to have the characters and their duplicates in their correct costtumes to tell them apart), and Two, I accidentally swapped the seats Rei and Aki are sitting in in the previous page. This created various problems when it came to correcting the page:

Panel 1: Due to the asymmetrical word balloons, this image would've been impossible to flip horizontally. I might've ended up redrawing it, but finally realized that all I needed to do was flip Rei's hand, and leave the holographic image and word balloons as they were.

Panel 2: Had to redo this one because the word balloons would not allow for the image to be flipped. So I traced the figures and redrew it with the characters in their proper seats. This is one case in which I think the panel design looked better in the original, but well, what can you do.

Panel 3: This one was easy to flip. The only changes necessary were Rei's eyes, nose, and eyebrows, and Aki's entire face (since Aki's hair and jacket are asymmetrical, she has to be reworked any time she is flipped horizontally). It's good that you can see more of Aki's face from this angle.

Panels 4 and 5: I had to completely redo these due to changing it to the correct Rei, and Aki's hair and costume. In this case, I think the panels are much improved. I decided to make the panels 1/4 inch taller, so the top of Rei's hair isn't cut off, and that allowed me to move the word balloons up so that the panels are a little less cluttered.

Panel 6: I think this panel is mostly improved except for one detail. I like that Rei and Aki are closer together---that's more what it would look like if they're sitting side by side. I'm glad I added the windows in this panel and panel 2 showing that their traveling through space instead of just a dot tone background. The only problem is the last word balloon---I'm not sure it's clear enough that Rei is speaking that line, but it was the best I could do after flipping the panel. The only other solution would've been to split it into 2 panels, but I wanted to stay close to the decisions I made when I created the page.