Coming Soon?
I'll soon be starting a dark lesbian fairy-story that will be exclusive to my patreons. I'll be hoping to update a new chapter every month until it's done. I've only ever seen Fey explored in YA, so I'm really curious about writing about them in a more adult way....


When I first met her, I was ten years old and my father was afraid.

In all my childhood he’d never seemed a particularly nervous man, but that morning sweat beaded his forehead and he kept snapping with a voice as brittle as an icicle about to crack.

I was forced into a stiff, starched white dress which I loathed bitterly, and a shiny new pair of impractical white shoes with buckles and small pearls on the side. I remember the shoes because they pinched my toes and made it difficult to run.

My father smoothed my blonde hair back from my face and said he was sorry – he never said he was sorry. Since that day, I’ve never heard him apologize for anything again. 

That day, he said it thirteen times. I counted.