COMING SOON: Omnicharge Review
If you've ever tried painting outdoors on a tablet or laptop, you'll know how much of a bummer it can be when your battery runs out, but your painting is not yet complete. I've been dreaming for years of going to remote places to paint on my Cintiq Companion, but the 4.5 hour battery life makes that nearly impossible without a way to charge the device. You might think a battery bank would be the answer, but what's currently on the market is woefully inadequate for charging a laptop or high-powered tablet like the Companion. These devices require AC power (like the plugs on your wall) and most battery banks only support USB charging. The rare few that do support AC charging are either humongous bricks or small car batteries and they aren't that reliable for charging complex devices like laptops and tablets. Not to mention, no one wants to lug around a car battery.

Fast forward to a week or so ago and I stumbled upon the Omnicharge. It's currently far exceeding it's funding goal on IndieGoGo and it looks promising. I've been in touch with Omnicharge staff and I should have one to play with and review sometime in October. I plan to review it primarily as a means of charging my Companion, camera and other electronics I use when filming outdoor painting. It's said that a solar panel can be used to power the Omnicharge, so in theory, I can power my tablet indefinitely using green solar power! Basically, these can power anything you plug in to your wall outlet: TVs, lamps, blenders, you name it. And best of all, it's not very large. I think the standard model is close to the size of a smartphone.

It would be an understatement to say I'm super-excited about this. This is exactly what I need to take my Digital Painting Outdoors series to the next level. Of course, I'll have to test it to make sure it works as I hope it will. As with all electronics, sometimes things get hyped up without ever living up to the hype. I have a good feeling about this one though. If it lives up to its promises, this little device is going to make a lot of creative folks happy. I'll keep you posted on the status of the review.

If you want one of these, I believe the next batch they'll be shipping is in October. They aren't terribly pricey either. Also, I just want to clarify that I reached out to Omnicharge, so this isn't some sort of sponsored thing. I honestly really want one of these and I know a lot of you have been searching for the same kind of device.