Coming SOON from Metal Jesus (and Crew)
Here's a look at what you can expect from my YouTube channel and Patreon:

- I was in a Sierra On-Line video game in 1996. Isn’t it time I PLAYED Shivers 2? Coming this Tuesday!

- What Games are on my SWITCH? I’ll cover more than just the big releases...but dig into the eShop too

- My NEW (OLD) Windows 98 Gaming PC. The hardware, accessories and vintage games!

- What does my GOG (Good Old Games) library look like? What classic games do I have there? Which games do I think are great values.

- The Metal Jesus MEGA PANEL from Portland Retro Gaming Expo (with DMP, Kinsey, Kelsey, Reggie, John Hancock, Anna & John Riggs)

- $5 Good Game Challenge with the MJR Crew at Portland Expo. Who found the best game for the least amount of money?!

- I’m going to send out another batch of Metal Militia coins. Be looking for an announcement soon!

- Stupidly Expensive Original Xbox Games - Not all original XBOX games are under $5. Some games, cost over $100... and I have them with gameplay.

- Wing Commander Series - all the games - complete collection overview!

- Metal Militia podcast episode coming in November. What am I listening to?

 - We'll answer a couple Patreon questions too. 

Thanks again for your continued support!!