Coming Soon: State of Donation Address
So here's a thing. Toward the end of each quarter, I'll be posting a "State of Donation Address" that will review the previous three months and look out a bit on the next three. There's no set format for this thing, but for the most part I'll be talking about money and me.

On the money side, I'll be keeping folks posted on where their pledges went. Patreon proceeds are kept as a dedicated "Travel Fund" to withdraw from only as needed; the quarterly SoDA will recap where things went, so people can rest assured their pledges are going to candy and bubblegum, rather than credit cards and bills.

The me bit, meanwhile, is just a personal check-in of sorts. Let folks know where I am, how I'm doing, what's been going on in my life, stuff like that. I'll also briefly sum up some of the gallivanting I'd done in the previous quarter as well as what I'm hoping to do in the following quarter. Once this is running for a while, it'll be fun to compare what I was hoping to do with what I ended up doing anyway.

The State of Donation Address will be a public post so that folks on the fence can get a better sense of what to expect if they become patrons.

So that's basically it. I'll post the first one in a couple of weeks, after my current road trip is done.

- mike