Coming Soon on Patreon!
It's spring again, which is that time of year when an author's mind naturally goes to sprucing up her Patreon, changing around some of the reward levels, adding new content, and basically doing absolutely anything to avoid ACTUAL IN PERSON SPRING CLEANING.

So next week I'm holding a Patreon party! There will be new milestones and rewards announced, plus a week of blog posts, giveaways (including some Patreon supporter only goodies) and some sneak peeks about what I'll be producing for you in the year ahead.

Lots of stuff that I'm super excited about, and I hope you will be too. 


What am I re-reading right now? What will the next Castle Charming story be about? What crazy sekrit project do I have up my sleeve? Tune in next week to find out all these things and more!