Coming this June!
Hey everybody, it's a new month and time to let you know what I'm hoping to bring to you if all goes to plan.

Speaking of which, things didn't go quite to plan last month, as I swapped out Royal Palace and brought in Luxor due to the Kennerspiel nomination. Plus I totally failed to do Hunt for the Ring (which is why Guillds got the nod), but it's not for lack of trying. That's a game with a LOT of stuff to the design! Because there's so much, i likely want be able to give it a full runthrough this month (with our move ongoing) but I will shoot for a rundown to tide folks over!

Plus, I still haven't put up my May Rundown compilation, but that's because I lost my camera at UKGE! I really really hope it ends up in the Lost and Found! *gulp*

Anyway, here's the plan (in no particular order)

Dark Souls the Card Game
Flick em up Dead of Winter
Rescue Polar Bears
Word Domination
Getaway Driver
Neta Tanka
Royal Palace
Thurn & Taxis

Escape Tales
Sagas of Noggin the Nog
Trickerion: Dahlgaard’s Academy
Kung Fu Panda
Solar City
A Thief's Fortune
Siege Storm
Raccoon Tycoon
Exit the Game 2nd series
Automobiles Racing Season
Tash Kalar Etherweave
Valley of Kings Last Rites
Hunt for the Ring

Other stuff
Rahdo Talks Through #38 (podcast)
Rahdo Ramble #3 (exclusive to Patreon backers)
May 2018 Rundown (running a bit late on this)
June 2018 Rundown
Top 10 Boards Part II or Memorable Games (not sure yet)

(not necessarily in that order)