Command-Line - Recording Music
Do you enjoy free and open source audio/music programs like Audacity?  ZynAddSubFX/Yoshimi? Hydrogen? Do you play guitar? These are all fun to  mess around with, but what about doing so in a command line? No JACK  required.  

Commands to note: 

1. tmux new-session \; set -g mouse on \; split-window -v -p 86 \;  split-window -h -p 68 mocp \; split-window -h -p 45 alsamixer \;  split-window -v -p 65 \; split-window -v cava \; attach 

2. h2cli -k [drum kit] 

3. ls ~/.hydrogen/data/drumkits/ 

4. aconnect --list 

5. aconnect # # 

6. ffmpeg -f pulse -i default "output.wav" 

7. tree ~/.config/yoshimi/presets/banks/ 

8. yoshimi --auto-connect --no-gui  --load-instrument="/path/to/instrument.xiz" 

9. ffmpeg -i input1.wav -i input2.wav -filter_complex amerge -ac 2 -c:a  libmp3lame -q:a 4 output.mp3  

Vidme notes: