Command-Line - w3m + mpv = magic
Using w3m's external browser (SHIFT+M) shortcut set to "mpv --vo=opengl  --ao=alsa," (--vo=drm for TTY), you can watch videos that are embedded  in the current URL. This is due to a combination of a mobile user-agent  (MP4 > FLV) and mpv using youtube-dl to hunt and play videos or live  streams. Therefore, this method will work with any website that  youtube-dl supports:  Another thing to note, because of w3m now defaulting to a mobile  user-agent, I recommend duplicating the original config file for when  you need to load a website that may give you JavaScript errors (i.e.,  "w3m -config ~/.w3m/config-desktop"). I created an alias for this as  "w3m-desktop" to make things faster.  

Vidme notes: