Commander Canine page 7 script & thumbnails
So while I was working through the pages, pencilling & inking each one by one, I realised that I had messed up my page count! I had a double page spread drawn for pages 12 & 13 but because of my page count error, these pages wouldn't be adjacent. 

So then I had the problem of trying to find a spot to insert an entire page without throwing off the pacing of the story. Originally I was going to extend the convenience store sequence and show Rocky browsing the isles and snacks. 

I had given the working comic to a friend, Jason, to read and I mentioned the page count problem. He had enjoyed the mention of other superheroes in the story (Awesomeman & Colonel 'Merca) and suggested an aside featuring Colonel 'Merca at Greasy's. It turned out to a great addition to the story and adds some world-building without bogging down the pace. It's one of my favourite pages!