Comment Contest Winner selection - Abstract #3
Since I had only 1 patron when I met the $50.00 milestone, I asked them directly which image they would like to see in color and have a print of. They picked Abstract #3. This was a terrible amount of fun to do, and I am offering them a free print. You can get your own product of this by letting me know what item you want: Gallery Wrapped Canvas 11x14 $97.60 Gallery Wrapped Canvas 16x20 $128.00 Glossy Print 8x10 $5.10 Glossy Print 10x12 $8.94 Glossy Print 11x14 $8.94 Glossy Print 16x20 $28.14 Glossy Print 20x24 $31.98 Matte Print 8x10 $5.10 Matte Print 10x12 $8.94 Matte Print 11x14 $8.94 Matte Print 16x20 $28.14 Matte Print 20x24 $31.98 Lustre Print 8x10 $6.38 Lustre Print 10x12 $10.22 Lustre Print 11x14 $10.22 Lustre Print 16x20 $33.26 Lustre Print 20x24 $38.38 Mouse pad $12.78 (all sales support this Patreon account and you don't have to pledge to buy a product with this image on it.)
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