Commercial Use Information!

Hey there! I had couple people approach me already about using my assets commercially and I wasn't entirely sure how to approach this. But after I discussed it with the people that showed the interest I've decided to attach a Commercial License to the Explorer ($10) Tier!

What does it mean? 

  • By joining the Explorer Tier, essentially all of the content available here (Unless stated otherwise in a certain release) can be used in a commercial product.
  • You are required to credit us (Forgotten Adventures) and link to this Patreon or our Website ( ) in your publication.  And indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner.
  • The license is valid form the point your pledge goes through the system(end of each month) for the duration of the following month and for the total of 10 products created with our assets for that specific month.
    Example: You become an Explorer Patron sometime during August, your license is valid from from 1st of September until the end of the month and you can publish 10 products for sale during that month.  If you stay pledged on an Explorer level, your license extends for the next month for additional 10 products for as long as you stay an Explorer Patron. (Number of allowed products don't add up, meaning you cant post 30 products in a single month if you didn't post any in previous 2 months, it's a fixed 10 a month).

    This is to prevent people from pledging for a day, releasing multiple products at once and deleting the pledge immediately after so they are not charged at all but technically can still claim that they published them why they had an active Explorer pledge.   
  • If you later decide to move down to a lower tier,  your use of the assets reverts back to noncommercial purposes for additional products.  You still have the rights to sell Products published during the period with a Valid license as explained above, but you can no longer publish more.
  • Any FA content used for commercial purposes must be part of a greater product/publication/adventure module/one shot etc. , You can't just repack and sell the assets!
  • You can  remix, transform, edit, and build upon the material.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me :) And please let me know if you use any of our assets in your publications! I would love to see it and I can help spread the word as well!

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