Commercial Use Information!
Hey there! I had couple people approach me already about using my assets commercially and I wasn't entirely sure how to approach this. But after I discussed it with the people that showed the interest I've decided to attach a Commercial License to the Explorer ($10) Tier!

What does it mean? 
  • As soon as you start supporting me at the Explorer Tier, essentially all of the content available here (Unless stated otherwise in a certain release) can be used in a commercial product under CC-BY 4.0 International Creative Commons license.
  • As stated in the license, you are required to credit me and link to this Patreon in your publication. 
  • The commercial license only applies while you are an active supporter at the Explorer Tier. If a supporter later decides to  move down to a lower tier,  their use of the assets reverts back to noncommercial purposes for additional products. 
  • Any FA content used for commercial purposes must be part of a greater product/publication/adventure module/one shot etc. , You can't just repack and sell the assets!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me :) And please let me know if you use any of our assets in your publications! I would love to see it and I can help spread the word as well!

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