Commish from DeDeCo'17 (slightly nsfw lol)
I also draw customers with their favourite characters. In every way they want~ |D
Okay, they wanted mature content, but I just couldn't get a nice nsfw pose done that day, so I changed it a bit. It's still naughty, lmao - I think they liked it ... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(On a personal note: Thanks for that nice artist/fangirl/con/cosplay talk, I enjoyed it a lot! It's always difficult for me to keep conversations going and I get awkward, I guess, soo ... yeah, it was nice to be able just talk for a while. Surprisingly, that's a thing that doesn't happen that often at cons and it can get really boring sometimes ; w ; Feel free to chat me up anytime if you ever see me! (... does that sound wrong?? lol)
That's basically a shoutout to everyone who just wants to talk. Just try and keep going, even if I don't say much myself. That's the exhausted introvert version of me that needs some time to think of a good answer OTL)
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