Commission Progress Photos
For those of you that follow me on my social media platforms know that I've posted this before. This is a commission I had worked on a few weeks ago and it was the first time I ever completed a piece using Photoshop. The reason I wasn't using Photoshop before was because I had Paint Tool Sai which was working well up until I got a beautiful drawing monitor. Of course that broke my heart to no end because I love, and I mean LOVED using Sai so much to draw with and for a moment I felt discouraged at the thought of having to learn a new program. Granted it doesn't sound difficult right? It's just another drawing program with some very similar tools, yada yada yada. In theory sure, in practice, it was a nightmare. Keybindings weren't the same, I wasn't use to not having a brush stabilizer built into the program meaning my lines looked shakey, nothing was looking right for me. I was in drawing HELL pretty much. But here we are now. Weeks later and I finally feel confident in my abilities to make art for people. 

There are so many people I want to thank for that because without their encouragement and support I would not be sitting here making a post on Patreon nor would I even be doing commissions right now. 

Anyway I've gone on too long rambling! Stay tuned for more progress photosets like this in the near future! I also plan on working on this month's Thank you sketch for all of you that have made pledges. Have a wonderful day everyone and I'll see you in the next post!