[Commission] 2017 INNOTIO Year-End Message
I did my first Line Rider commission! It was a sort of holiday greeting card for INNOTIO, a Swiss healthcare company, on behalf of WMD Branding, a German design company.

It was a great experience making something for a client, instead of making something just because I wanted to make it. I wound up making something that I think is quite entertaining and enjoyable, but very different from anything I would have made on my own, and I learned a lot about how people outside of the world of Line Rider view Line Rider tracks and scenery.

Big thanks to David Lu (Conundrumer) for making LRJS, which was primarily used to create this project, and for making a "fill tool" mod that vastly sped up the shading process for the rocky section. Also thanks to Matthew Henry (mhenr18) for helping create the framework that made the mod possible.

I used the money from this commission to cross off all of my "paying collaborators" and "paying Line Rider devs" wishlists, and it will also enable me to focus on Line Rider projects exclusively for approximately the next 6 weeks, which is very exciting!

Also, I'm open to new commissions but I don't have any lined up at present, so I'm making this post public. If you're reading this and you'd like to contact me about a possible commission, you can do so here.

For the rest of you, thanks for supporting me! Commissions are great, but direct, sustainable support through Patreon to help me make whatever I want to make means so much more to me, so the dream is to one day hit the point on Patreon where I don't need to take commissions to do that. So thank you so much for doing a little bit to nudge me in that direction.

Long live Line Rider!
- Ben / Rabid

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