Commission Information: Summer 2021

Hello all. As promised, here’s the long awaited information on the upcoming opening of a new commission batch. I have tried to condense the information as clearly, comprehensively and succinctly as possible so please read to the end (including the FAQ linked at the bottom) before you ask me any questions and do let me know if there’s something important I’ve missed so that I may rectify it.

[ Key information ]

Next opening: 21 June 2021

Slots opening: 12

Type of slots: As per the graphic below, the commissions being offered are those not greyed out. Please note that all commissions in this batch will be for simple pieces, i.e: single characters, no backgrounds or complex details.

For pricing, please check this page here. Please note all prices are listed in GBP.

Who will be eligible to apply:

  • Extreme and Advanced patrons who’ve been pledged since May 2021 and who didn’t receive a commission from me in the last batch (i.e, 2020).
  • Patrons in the last batch who postponed their commission or signed on to the second timer batch in 2020. You can check the list of names here.

If any slots are left unclaimed by the patrons that meet the above requirements, a second round of applications will be opened for patrons on the Intermediate and Easy tiers.

How will the slots be allocated:

Among all applicants in this batch, slots will be distributed as follows:

  • 5 slots will be secured by top pledging patrons (either by tier or pledge longevity)
  • 5 slots will be selected randomly among those who applied to this batch
  • 2 slots will be reserved for those applying again from the 2020 postponed/second timer list

A day after the form closes, all successful applicants will be notified to confirm their slot and shortly after a list will be made public in the Discord and on the Patreon timeline.

How can I apply?

On the 21st of June, 2021 - at around 12pm BST - I will make a form available to all eligible patrons through both Discord and the Patreon timeline.

This form will remain open for 48 hours to give everyone ample chance to fill it in their own time. As slots will be allocated following the above criteria, there is no need to rush as the order of applications will not affect the selection process.

Once the 48 hours are over, the form will be closed. If there are any slots remaining, a new form will be opened for Int/Easy patrons for a further 24 hours. If no slots are remaining, then a list of allocated slots will be published a day after the form has closed.

Additional information:

  • Those who successfully claim a slot in this batch will not be eligible to receive another commission from me in 2021.
  • Those who apply but fail to secure a slot in this batch will be welcome to apply again in future openings.
  • Once allocated, commissions will be worked on in 4 batches of 3 pieces at a time. All commissions are charged in full a week in advance of commencing the project.
  • The price of a commission is a separate fee to the price of your Patreon tier. You can find my price chart here and you can apply for a discount through StarStickers up to a week before your commission is started.
  • Further information regarding requirements, terms and conditions will be published at the time of opening slots.

I expect there will be many questions arising from all of this, so please read this document that I’ve put together in anticipation of what are likely to be the most common enquiries. If by the end your question is not resolved, then please shoot me a DM and I’ll do my best to clarify things for you.

[ Commission Information: Summer 2021 FAQ ]

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