dm29's Patreon Commission Calls

Commissions are available for Patrons $5 and up via my Commission Call announcement posts on this Patreon. They are free and cost nothing on top of your pledge.

How it Works (updated and effective from 31th Mar 2021)

An announcement post will be put up on this Patreon two days ahead. When the actual Commission Call is open, please review the terms of the commission requirements within that post.

Forecast: How long one would expect to wait
Slots: Number of available slots
For: Eligible Tiers will be highlighted here

Other requirements or caveats (no OCs, restrictions on characters or subjects, etc) will follow in that post.

Depending on my fragile situation or what time of the year it is, commissions will be open to different tiers, adhered to the following by me as closely as possible.

  • Team Green: $5 patrons (Every 3 months)
  • Team Orange: $10/$15 patrons (Every 2 months)
  • Team Purple: $30 patrons and above (Every Month)

A Commission call will last 48 hours, or until all slots are taken, whichever is first. Do not post your ideas in the comments.

The Fairness Statute

If you got a commission the LAST month you were eligible, you can't get one THIS month if you're eligible. Instead, you can only get one your NEXT eligible month. The eligible months differ across the tiers. Your NEXT eligible month depends on if you’re eligible again the call after you’ve already commissioned.

In any case, I’ll let you know if you’re ineligible or not. You’ll be able to pick up a commission during an ineligible month should there be no other patrons wanting a commission, after 48 hours.

New rule: Patrons must provide their idea 24 hours after you receive communication from me asking about it. I believe with the new two day anticipation period, all commissioning patrons must have some idea of what to want by the time the call opens. 

If no idea has been sent over, your slot will be forfeit, and you'll be able to pick one up again assuming the call is still active.

No Patron Left Behind

$5 and $10 Patrons who haven't obtained a commission from a call can pick up one after 12 and 6 months of no commissioning. Please check this post for more details: 

The Artist’s Promise

I will try my best to fulfill this on a monthly basis, but as my situation differs from time to time, I’ll have to apologise in advance for any disappointment that can occur.

And here are more caveats:

  • There is no harm asking. Come see what I can do for you, but I can make no guarantees I can make your dreams come true.
  • Usual commission rules will apply. No naughty stuff.
  • I reserve the right to turn down your commission, which won't disqualify you from the next round, assuming all slots for the current month haven't been taken up.

I hope this is explained in a manner as clear as possible.
Please reach me if you have any questions. (Last updated 31th Mar 2021)

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