[Commission] Formula (NOW LIVE!)
This was the commission that single-handedly dragged me out of my indefinite hiatus from Line Rider. I got an email from the newly-formed Italian post-rock band Formula wanting me to make a Line Rider music video for their self-titled debut song release. There was no way could I say no to that, especially once I listened to this fantastic song!

I started this back in early July - so clearly it took a while, as far as commissions go. Part of this was because everything else in my life conspired against me (everything from tech work to a friend's wedding to another commission with a hard deadline), but another part was just that the process of getting myself back into Line Rider (without sacrificing my mental health this time) took longer than I thought it would. I'm incredibly grateful to the band for being so patient with me as the project stretched past my optimistic completion date (end of July), my realistic completion date (end of August), and then past the revised completion date after that (end of October). They were extremely kind and supportive as I opened up about mental health struggles and life events and waited patiently as I slowly wound my way towards completing the project.

And honestly, I think it was for the best. I was able to take my time with the track and it wound up becoming something really special, a sort of follow-up to Ruby Falls that I'm very proud of and excited to share. I took a lot of inspiration from Andrew Hess this time around - Bug Thief, The Fall/The Flight, and Release Me all had moments I drew ideas from directly. If you haven't seen those click that link and go watch them, they're excellent!

Again, because this is a commission I'm not charging you all for it. Thanks for supporting me for whenever I do eventually get around to releasing something that's not a commission - you're helping nudge me towards a future where I can make things that you want to see in Line Rider without relying on commissions and that's really important and appreciated. Enjoy early access to the commissions in the meantime :)

Long Live Line Rider,
- Ben / Rabid

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