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CLOSED - 12/02/2020

Hey everyone! I've decided to make a permanent commission post that I'm gonna put in a "Commission Info" tag over on the left bar of my Patreon page, so everyone can always easily find it.


How can I tell when you are open?

If you follow me here (note: FOLLOW, not necessarily pledge, though obviously I'd appreciate that) you will be notified when I make a free, public post about being open. This happens once every... few months. Ish.

How blargsnarf commissions work:
- Pre-sketched: Pre-sketched commissions are sketches I have already made that you want finished. The best place to get sketches are in my Sketch Packs, or just found randomly on the web sometimes.

Pre-sketched commissions come at a discount, and the amount depends on the specific picture. Contact me for more info.

- From-scratch: From scratch commissions are "normal" commissions, you come to me with an idea and we work together to get it made.

- Pixel: Pixel art is low-res usually-animated art that I sometimes do, almost always edited from an already-established game. When contacting me about pixel art, please let me know if you want a from-scratch pixel piece, or something edited from a game. If you want an edit of an established game, please keep in mind the technical limitations of game sprites - it is very hard to show lots of detail in low-res scenes.

- Comics: I'm not taking on any more comics unless it's an idea I really like. Email me about your idea and I can let you know if I'd wanna do it or not. Comic pages tend to average around $200 each.

Pricing is almost entirely dependant on each specific picture, but here are some vague guidelines:
Pictures: $60 and up, most pics I do end up between $75 and $120.
Pixel stuff : $25 and up for edits, higher res from-scratch animations tend to be $100 - $200 or more.

How to contact me:
Email contact info can be found on my mainsite (just Google for me), or you can contact me directly thru Patreon, Discord, or Subscribestar.

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