[Commission] Selee

EDIT: warning for flashing visuals and visuals that may induce motion sickness!

It's live! I sent the video off last night and they posted it right away this morning so it's already public! It'll go up on my channel in 4 weeks, but in the meantime it's live on their channel.

The initial negotiations for this commission started in July. After listening to the song, I knew that if I was gonna pull this off well I wanted to collaborate with David Lu (a.k.a. Conundrumer) again to get some formal visualization of music and mathematically generated visuals involved. David then got his friend Sharon Pak involved to do some storyboarding and imagining of visuals, and then we got to work! Which was basically brainstorming and discussing ideas in October and then increasingly-panicked crunching in November to finish the project, culminating in an enormous amount of work put in this past weekend. The last week has been a wild ride for sure!

I have known for a few years now the next big thing I wanted to explore in Line Rider was scenery as music-synced visuals, but I was imagining a slow rollout of a few of those ideas at a time over a long period. Instead it appears we jumped in the deep end and threw everything at the wall at once, and it turned out a LOT better than I thought it would, considering how much we were stretching to try so many wacky new ideas in such a short time. I am SUPER excited to share it and can't wait to see what you all think!

This track drew significant inspiration from Andrew Hess's most recent track Bug Thief, though a lot of it was also from ideas outside Line Rider like beesandbombs and Keita Onishi. And a lot of it can be traced to our own ideas for the project such as Sharon's PureData Aesthetic research imagery, my synesthesia, and David's ideas about tessellating shapes and what we're calling Spacetime Animation. There were a LOT of ideas flying around that coalesced into this project and I really think it shows. And of course, thanks as always to David for coming in clutch with new time-saving tools to help me out, this is the third commission he's saved my butt on now!

Again, not charging for this one since it's a commission, though this may be the last commission for a little while - I have some potential stuff on the horizon but nothing is set in stone yet, so I'm planning to go back to working on a patreon-supported project again soon (once I recover from the past week's crunch, heh). Thanks so much to all of you for your support and special thanks to all my new patrons since March! (the last time I worked on a patreon-supported release)

Long Live Line Rider!
- Ben / rabid

EDIT: uploaded to my channel on December 28th. Originally uploaded to Super Flu's channel here.