Commission: Title: waiting
Woman passes by and sees me drawing the person next to me. She taps my hand and says " ya gonna draw me next right?" I smiled and agreed. She then stopped me again and said " I want big eyes small lips and-and beautiful hair, can you do that?" I said " is this a commission?" out of curiosity, usually I don't ask what's in it for me unless I'm sure it is for profit , meaning I was already contacted beforehand or at least the person mentions it. The woman smiled, looked to the right, I said " wait! don't move. " I quickly captured her pose, added a bit of detail then said " at ease". She laughed at me then took a peak, I'm guessing she was quite pleased with what she saw. Her eyes widened, she took another look and said " Oh my gosh, you weren't kidding." I Handed her the paper, she told me to just hold it up. She snapped a picture of it, gave me $20 and a kiss on the cheek, boarded her bus and went on her way. Given my excitement I was a bit flabbergasted and just realized I missed my bus. So I had to wait a little longer but it was worth it.