Doing a commission is a wonderful, and terrifying thing. The client wants something.  if one is lucky they can convey it well. If one is really lucky that conveyed idea is realisable. 

This was a commision. A local music convention needed a cover for the CD of music which one got for attending.   At the last momet I was asked if I could whip something up.  To be fair,  partners were on the committee, so it wasn't completely unreasonable to ask me to knock out some album art overnight, as I knew what was going on. 

Theie Guest of Honor is known for playing pretty much anything which has four strings.  The instrument the image is a baritone ukelele. It's mine, and he was going to borrow it.  Score one for topicality.

I was drinking some cider when the request was made. Since singing and drinking often go together it wasn't a terrible thing to try to work it in.  I forget why cider in particular was apposite, but there was more to it than that.

The rest was finding the leading lines, staging the light, arrnging te background.  I think I shot about 40 frames, with several variations of position (some really subtle) before I moved to the editing. 

My camera's LCD died some time ago, so I do end up shooting much as I did with film; trying to see what I'm going to get before I press the shutter release. The big change is I can shoot with mad abandon,  since a "roll of film" = about 300 frames. 

Found the shot I liked, showed it to the client, talked about mood, and printing medium (makes a huge difference in how things look), and then muted the colors some, and cranked in more sharpening than I do for my more personal stuff, beause album art isn't meant to be naturalistic.

That, writ small, is how commissions work.