Commissions are Open


ShawnTheGirl - 2 slots
NutCaseArt - 2 slots*

Commissions are:

  • 50 1.5” Pins for $185 for Patrons, $210 for Public
  • 50 2” Pins for $200 for Patrons, $225 for Public.

Pins will be full-body chibi style. Number of Slots and Artists will vary month-to-month depending on Artist availability. Availability and Chances to grab commissions will be posted on the 1st to Patrons ($10 tier+), and on the 5th to the public. (Exception for April, as it is our first month)

Pin Cards - A generic Pinsignia Pin Card file will be provided to the customer to print if they would like. If enough interest is shown, a price for making custom ones could be negotiated. A graphic with Pinsgnia Logo and Artist name will be given for use in a card made by the Customer.

Design Basics:

  • 4 limbs, additional (taurs, wings, etc) are $5 per pair
  • Black Metal - special metals are available, additional cost goes to the customer
  • 6 Color Max - Additional cost goes to the customer

The Fine Print:

  • The customer has the right to sell/trade/gift their pins. 
  • Pin cards must include the name of the artist/Pinsignia logo on them (graphic will be provided to the customer by Pinsignia)
  • The Artist owns the rights to the Design, but may not use it for profit without the consent of the Customer. Purchasing of the rights to the Design can be negotiated with the Artist.
  • The Artist and Pinsignia may use the Design in portfolio or promotional media
  • The Customer may only re-use the Design to advertise their pins, or share on social media with credit given.
  • Molds are owned by Pinsignia, re-orders must be done through them. ($115 for 50 1.5” and $150 for 50 2”) Molds are held by the Manufacturer for up to 3 years. 

Example Art:

Nutcase will have her sample soon, MossFox and Onnanoko will have their samples ready by May 1st.
Sample featured here is about what you can expect from ShawnTheGirl, this design does exceed the max colors and would cost a little more.

*NutCase may open for more if there is interest.


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