Commissions are open!

Hello guys!  As promised, I will be opening my Patreon commission queue.

This commission queue will work just like the one on my Furaffinity journal.

The short version: If you want to sign up for a commission, comment here (not on FA - here.  That way I can keep them separate ^^ )  I will keep this open until Monday (14 November) at 8:00 PM (Eastern US time).  At that time, I'll draw five names (assuming more than five of you have commented here!) for the queue.  I want to make clear that this isn't a raffle; the only reason I'm doing a random name draw is to prevent the commission queue from becoming a "first come, first served" thing.  This is just to set the initial queue - once I work through the first five, I'll open up for five more.  It's not going to be a monthly thing; it's going to be a rolling queue, which only closes when I need a bit of a hiatus.  This way I can control things so I don't get backlogged and buried.

And on that note, I have not sent out this month's vouchers - I realize that. If you were planning to use this month's voucher to apply towards this commission, you may still plan on that.  I will be sending out the vouchers at some point probably on Monday.  the only reason I haven't done it today is because my e-mail client is giving me grief, and since I will be out of town over the weekend, I really don't have the opportunity to fix it before then.  But if you're planning to use a discount voucher towards your commission, you should still plan on that, because you will still be getting that in time to apply it to these commissions (and if you don't, the responsibility is mine, not yours).

So if you'd like to commission me, please comment here!  You don't need to give me any details yet; just comment here and tell me that you are interested in a commission.

As always, thank you for supporting me!