Commissions: I Love All Part 1

"Some ponies fall to darkness. Others simply live life. Some petty crooks, others inspirations. As for me...I am but a record keeper. A storyteller. And stories I have to tell. Stories of those who become Legends..."

Come and witness the origins of Chrysalis the All Loving, as she faces off with a wayward child seeking to tear Equestria asunder.

OOC: Changed the perspective from the last one to make this feel a bit more like LEGENDS.

Note, my mind set is that where the main universe is a High Fantasy series, the Mirror Universe is more of a scifi comic book universe, and thus I took a lot of inspiration from comics with Chrysalis here. Hope you like it!

Also, remember one thing: Canonically Mirror Chrysalis is so powerful she's protecting the ENTIRE southern half of Equestria from BOTH Princesses and anyone else. So yeah, Super Weight tier stuff there.

Also, I SINCERELY admit romance is NOT my strong point and if this comes off as not up to snuff in that regard, I apologize. It's just not my strong suit. 

Please note: this is intended to have a bit of depth to it. Try to read into things more than what's on the surface, and is intended to have a bit of… to it, so please pay attention, some things spoken of here will come into play in other character's stories.

Gilda's Story:

Chrysalis' Story: Here! And

Tales From The Dark Side of the Mirrors (Prequel Series):

Applejack's Story:
Pinkamena's Story:
Rainbow Crash's Story:
Fluttershy's Story:
Rarity's Story:
Twilight's Story: and
Bonus Chapter: Cutie Mark Crusaders:

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