Commissions of nude and dressed characters (NSFW examples)

I've decided to open a commissions offers!

I will draw any humanoid character of your choice (it can be a character from any known fictional universe, including original characters) - from portraits to full body - in my style in resolution up to 1000x1500 for the humble price - from 10$ to 25$ (depending of the complexity). I can draw them in any clothes of your choice or completely without it. ;-)

Here are some examples.

1. Simple coloring + simple clothes + NO background  = 10$.
My fanart for webcomics "Terra Prima" as an example:

2. Full color + simple clothes or schematically drawn nudity + NO background = 15$.
My fanart for webcomics  "Aarrevaara Kara" as an example:

3. Full color + simple clothes or schematically drawn nudity + background = 20$.
My fanart for webcomics  "Remember" as an example: 

4. Full color + complex clothes or deatiled nudity + background  = 25$.
My naked original character as an example:

Send me a message or left a comment here, if you are interested.
If you have a request, which doesn't fall in any of represented categories, the price will be established individually.

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