Commissions OPEN

Commissions are OPEN:


Alicesensei Policy & Terms of Service:

1.) Commissioned works are for non-profit / non-commercial usage. However if the image is public, credit must be given to me, the artist. Please do not alter my work in anyway, trace my art, recreate my art, give false credit, claim as your own, or use it for any kind of commercial usage. (Discuss with me first for freelancing.)

2.) I reserve the right to post up the commissioned piece(s) and own the full rights to my work unless previously stated otherwise or upon agreement of licensing fee. While it is unlikely for the commission to become a print, on dA or elsewhere, I reserve the right to do so. I may also include it in packages such as art books or collections, but will not claim the character design if not created by me. Characters are copyrighted to their respective owners.

3.) Payment must be made first before I can begin drawing the commission. 
If the payment has not been made in a timely manner, I have the right to cancel a commission.
I will not start on it until payment is completed.

4.) I will correct any mistakes if it were made on my behalf such as misreading a description or instruction. However if the mistake is a result of insufficient information (unclear references or instruction) I am not obligated to edit it. There is a limit to the number of edits if they are requested.

5.) Commissions take time guys, especially if I have many of you who commission me all at the same time, so all I ask is for some patience and understanding. Please and thank you!

6.) By commissioning me, you agree to the above conditions.

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