Commit to Vulnerability: Introduction
We don't smile at each other on the street much, or know how to handle someone's unexpected revelation of feelings. We keep each other at arm's length and don't dive in to discover the wonderful world of truth within us all. I simply don't get it. I want to share what's up with me and I want to know what's up with you! The stuff we talk about at a superficial level is so painfully boring and monotonous. I want to get real with you and learn more about what's not so obvious until you start talking. Brené Brown is one of my greatest mentors. She says that vulnerability is the center of difficult emotion, but that it's ALSO at the core of the most beautiful and worthwhile emotions we can feel. She started the vulnerability revolution, as far as I can tell, and I am joining the conversation because I think it's the most important conversation there is. Vulnerability for the win. ;)