Common Move Cards
I came up with an idea over the weekend for a few different kinds of cards that everyone has access to. The attached PDF illustrates what I'm talking about, and I'll go through it point by point. TIES This is the first line; the two cards there are meant to be front and back. When play starts, each Specialist (PC) gets two Ties. The first they play immediately, creating a relationship with another Specialist at the table. The second they hold on to until they decide to use it to create a relationship with an NPC. Ties are also used to indicate relationships between NPCs, but they have no mechanical effect when used like that; they just tell you who knows who and how. REST MOVES The middle line shows you the three rest moves. Rest moves are moves that take time, and that allow you to recover resources. They require downtime. There are six of these cards on the table, two of each, and as you use them they get flipped over. When they're all flipped over, you've run out of time to complete your mission: it's now or never. TAKE A CHANCE This is the move you use when the outcome of an action is in doubt, but it isn't covered by one of the other moves the Specialists have access to. There's a deck of Take a Chance cards that all have the same text on the face-up side; that's the first card in the third row. When you do something risky, you take the top card and read the other side; it tells you what to do. The next two cards in that row are examples of what you might find.
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