Common Sense Gun Ownership for Defense
I've met many people of different walks of life, and different views, but one thing that they all say is that they would do everything within their power to defend themselves and love ones. Some of those people however will also tell you that they have no need for a firearm in their lives, or don't want anything to do with a firearm.

For me gun ownership is not just a Constitutional Right, but common sense for defense. You need the right tools for the job. Would you dig a hole without a shovel, or would you wipe yourself without toilet paper (or baby wipes for the vets out there)? So why would you refuse to use the right tool for the job when it comes to the defense of yourself or your loved ones.

Why do these Snowflakes vote against removing gun free zones, or preach that guns don't protect anyone when statistics and facts prove otherwise. If a bad guy with a gun is aiming down his sights at you, you have two choices...

Become a Victim or Survive...

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