Community developments
I seriously love my discord server. I love the logo, the values of it, the people itself and the way it's all set up. I love community work and its purpose. Recently I became aware of the fact that a lot of people play games I don't like, like Fortnite, or PUBG. I don't want these group of people to be left out of the community, so I want to organize something for them too. As a matter of fact, I want them to organize it themselves in the name of the community. So I asked the mod team to take the lead in incorporating more games like that into the community, since they play these games a lot too. How and in what form or style is still something they are going to discuss. But what definitley is going to happen are "Let's Play livestreams" hosted by them for those type of games. Before this monday, there will be a concept ready, so stay tuned! I on the other hand am going to look to incorporate other multiplayer games into my streams like Airconsole / Jackbox. Wich are more fun type of games like trivia or racing. This community is called "Let's Play" for a reason. I want you guys to be involved. Let's grow together and most of all: have fun! Love, Nadia.