Community Showcase - October 2020

There is no month I love more than October. There is no ally that shares this passion with me as deeply as Michael Huber. So it brings me great joy that Huber will be joining me for the next Showcase next Monday, October 5th, at 12:00 PM PT. Don't feel the need to post or discuss anything spooky, or specifically directed at the two of us. Feel free to express yourself however you wish, following the guidelines below, of course. It's just fun to be able to let loose and get in touch with your inner ghost or goblin, even after this year has been its own unique nightmare. Thank you for all of your submissions!

- Brandon


No submissions will be accepted past October 5th at 12:00 AM PT.

While you retain all rights to your content, by submitting here you’re giving Easy Allies the right to show the content in our monthly Community Showcase live stream.

You may submit a comment, an image, or an audio/video file. If you’re submitting anything other than a comment, please host the file elsewhere and link it on Patreon. You can make a tweet or Instagram post with your image, or link the audio/video from a YouTube account, etc.

If you’re posting a video, photograph, or drawing, keep your comment limited to a description of the work. Leaving a piece of art, or a video, in addition to a long comment is a bit disrespectful of people who just leave comments. If you’re posting a lot of images, we will only show a maximum of 9, of our choosing unless you specify otherwise.

Comments have been known to disappear from Patreon posts, unfortunately. Double check that your post remained active before the day of the Showcase. Leaving a comment helps to keep it from vanishing. If you’re submitting text, save a copy locally in case you have to re-post.

Any text to be read should be 500 words or less. Any video or piece of music should be 3 minutes or less. If the entry is longer, we will edit it down to a manageable length. We reserve the right to remove any content we find offensive.

Only one entry per month. Unless you specify what you’d like us to focus on, we’ll always use the last post from each Patron.

You may comment on any submissions, but keep original posts focused toward the Showcase so no submission is overlooked.

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