Community events and more
Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that over on the forums we've been experimenting with this idea of doing a "game design book club". The idea is that people get a little time to nominate some games: one community game (a game made by someone at the forums), and one non-community game. Then we vote, and the winners in each category are the "currently selected" games for that month. We play those games and talk about them, from a game design perspective.

Here's the first month's nominees. You can vote if you want! 

Also, feel free to come by the forums or the discord if you haven't already and engage with us in the discussion there.


I've been streaming a bunch and making GREAT progress on Escape the Omnochronom. The card game, Splash Clash on Lake Street, is going well but a little bit on hold while I wait for some graphic design. 

Also look out for a Dinofarm all-day stream on the 28th! 

See ya around! :D