Community Garden Grants from Food Not Lawns
Food Not Lawns has always taken pride in being a no-budget, grassroots (pun intended) organization. For almost twenty years, we have brought together people from their local community to share seeds, tools, land and information towards a greater food security (and much more lush and beautiful neighborhood) for everyone!

But some of that stuff costs money! Imagine what we can do with just small amounts of cash, funneled towards local projects like food forests, seed banks, and free permaculture workshops that train neighbors to work together to design their community for sustainability. 

Such is the goal with our Patreon. If just a thousand people donate a few bucks a month, we can start funding small projects all over. If we can grow it to a larger community, then we can start to make larger changes in policy and education. 

Check out our new blog, where we're posting lots of great new content on a wide range of related topics, as well as aggregating tons of how-to information about organizing a local chapter and excerpts from Food Not Lawns, How to Turn Your Yard into a garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community.