Community is my Favorite Word
Hello friends!

With your support, Boulder Parenting in Diversity has already booked half of our parent education speakers for the upcoming year. 

This year we’ll be discussing, among other things:

- Domestic violence and trafficking in our community as it pertains to undocumented people

- African identity in Boulder

- Discrimination burden and the impact it has on children

- Small business ownership for women of color

- Preserving home language for the children of immigrants 

- Indigenous story-telling 

RSVPs to our events so far include local private and public school teachers and administrators, county public health officials, city and state politicians, and of course- the most important- parents and children from our group. 

We’re continuing to host 2 play dates a month for our kids. 1 is a racial affinity group for PoC kids only and the other is an integrated play date for all BPiD members. These have been well attended, and parents of PoC kids are reporting their children are feeling healthier and happier ever since these began. As a PoC and a parent myself, I can only say these groups are easential for my well-being too

BPiD has partnered with Community Cycles and a volunteer occupational therapist to develop a bicycle workshop for children with autism and sensory needs. We’ll have a sensory friendly environment for bike lessons and repair, and we’ll build adaptive bikes based on the OTs suggestions for each child.

We’ve made significant gains in our Soccer without Borders program. If you can help me reach $200 in monthly pledges, we can launch the program in April. Please share and encourage others to pledge. 

Patreon makes it easy to support others by pledging just $1. 50 $1 pledges will go farther than 1 $10 pledge, so please hit the share and retweet button and help me reach that $200 goal.

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