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Compass by Two Steps From Hell
Dear fantastic patrons,

It is an honour to share with you my newest video, Compass by Two Steps From Hell.

Thank you for voting to support this track - I will tell you why I wanted to play this one.

During this week, we learned of some very terrible events in the world. As much as it's unpleasant to acknowledge them, this is what happened that I am aware of:

-A terrorist attack was carried out in Sweden where a man ran over and killed innocent people in a shopping district
-Islamists bombed two Coptic churches in Alexandria, Egypt, killing 45 people, 80 others wounded
-The USA bombed a Syrian airbase and appears to be getting involved in yet another Middle-Eastern conflict and increasing tensions with Russia
-The USA moved warships closer to North Korea, with fears of nuclear retaliation
-Gay people were arrested in large numbers and taken to concentration camps in the Chechnya region of Russia, just like the concentration camps in World War II
-A story came out about men in Indonesia being arrested by religious for being gay as well, and a video of this surfaced
-A man was manhandled off a United Airlines flight in the USA despite being a legitimate, paying customer, and videos were published showing the distressing incident

These things all happened within 5 days. As I look at the news every day from various sources, I found out about all of these things once they were reported. Just one of these on their own would not be good, but they all happened so quickly one after another. It all contributed to this feeling of general distress I felt. I wondered why people can't just be kind to one another and not have these kinds of things happen.

I was in fact just about to start recording Evergreen (as last voted) however my feelings about these events made me want to play something comforting and uplifting. The melody of Compass came to my mind before I could even remember the name of the track. It made me feel better amongst a feeling of hopelessness.

You may or may not have felt like this over the last week, but I wanted to share Compass with you for these reasons.

So thank you very much, everyone, for your amazing support. Your support is also something that makes me feel better in bad times so I can't thank you enough.

So I hope that you enjoy Compass - I played it in the most heartfelt way I could. Thanks everyone.


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