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Since this was asked many many times, we have for you list of few mods which are working perfectly fine together with our work and you dont have to be afraid of using it.

1.  Better Camera Mod -

2.  Conquer Anywhere (very much recommended) -

3.  All Tabletop Lords -

4. Unit Formations -

5. More Building Slots -

6. Officers Mod -

Also many visual mods which are changing colours, textures of original units or other graphical parts of the game are perfectly compatible like these:

1. Dirty Zombies -

2.  Chaos Cosmetics -

3. More Horse Variations -

What is not balanced at all are pretty much all unit packs created by other modders which do not have own Radious version, any mod which is changing unit stats, costs, building effects,  magic and spells, garrisons etc is not compatible and balanced, since we edited and modded all these things and using those mods will cause issues or severe balance problems.

If you have any questions about any mod if is compatible and balanced, feel free to ask!

Broken link? Something missing, outdated, irrelevant, or that you'd like to see? We'd love to hear about it so we can improve. Comment below or on our Feedback and Requests