Competitive Eldar - 1500pts
This list was used in one of the recent battle reports! Nasty Eldar shooty list.

Eldar CAD

Jetbike Farseer with Spirit Stone of -1 to level of powers.

4 units of 3 eldar jetbikes with scatter lasers.

3 units of 2 Forgeworld Hornets with dual Pulse Lasers

3 Dark Reapers with an exarch with a barrage launcher.

2 single warwalkers with dual lance.

Aspect Host

3 units of 5 warp Spiders

This list is VERY nasty. It game my dark eldar army a run for its money! I had to play very smart to play against it. SO many shots...

Tactical Questions:

What would you do against this army?

What would your target priority be?

What traps should you expect when playing against it?