CompileSwift Newsletter for 11/13/2016

MacBook Pro’s Start Appearing

Many are reporting that the new MacBook Pro laptops are starting to ship. I am waiting to hear the reviews from real users (not just journalists) before considering my options.

Xcode 8.2 is the Last to Support 2.x

News came through the channels that the next minor release of Xcode will be the last to support Swift 2.x. So it is time to start working on those 3.x migrations, may your code compile!

A Note from Me

From now until the end of December is usually a very busy work period for me. I am planning a bi-weekly newsletter release schedule and thank you for your patience. I am sure many of you out there have projects to complete just like myself, along with any festivities you might celebrate.

 am planning some changes for next year including premium tutorials, newsletters, and more. You can subscribe on Patreon to say ‘yes we want more’. This newsletter along with free content on my site will continue as normal.

New Posts on Site

Working Through Software Bugs is Easier With Help

Some thoughts on making the most of help from others to solve bugs, because sometimes we miss the obvious in our own code.

Sketch Plugin - Sketch Focus

A review of the Sketch Focus plugin, track notes and tasks right inside Sketch with this useful plugin.

Code, Tips, and Tutorials

Use Fluent on iOS with SQLite

Install and use Fluent for working with SQLite on iOS. Created by the Vapor team and written in Swift 3.

Compile Time Errors are Good - Part 1

We all have them, compile and runtime errors. But what about those hard to diagnose problems? This article by Ritesh will give you some ways to think about dealing with them.

A Few Interesting Things About iOS Swift Playgrounds 

Some thoughts about those oh so useful playgrounds from Erica.

Server Side Swift - State of the Union

Slide deck from a presentation given on November 10th, 2016 about the current options for server apps written in Swift.

Better Xcode Run Script Build Phases

Learn how to make build phase scripts that are easier to read and maintain.


HomeBrew 1.1.0 Released

HomeBrew will be familiar to many as the quick, clean way to install many useful tools on the Mac. A new release arrived just recently, be sure to update.

Design of Everyday Swift

Swift is an elegant language, so why not make your code just as elegant. This video by Rachel Bobbins is a great watch.

SwiftServer Generator for Yeoman

A generator for creating REST web services based on the Kitura framework by IBM.

Interesting Podcasts

Canvas: 23 - Workflow - Variables and Built-in Actions

The second in a series of podcasts dedicated to the Workflow app on iPad and iPhone. This episode taught me a few things about creating variables to make more powerful applications.

Current Apple Releases and Previews

Release Versions

Xcode 8.1 (Oct. 27th, 2016)

tvOS 10.0.1 (Oct. 24th, 2016)

watchOS 3.1 (Oct. 27th, 2016)

OS X 10.12.1 (Oct. 27th, 2016)

iOS 10.1.1 (Oct. 31st, 2016)

macOS Server 5.2 (Sept. 20th, 2016)

Swift 3.0.1 (Oct. 28th, 2016)

Pre-Release Versions

Xcode 8.2 Beta (Oct. 31st, 2016)

iOS 10.2 Beta 2 (Nov. 7th, 2016)

watchOS 3.1.1 Beta 2 (Nov. 7th, 2016)

tvOS 10.1 Beta (Oct. 31th, 2016)acOS 10.12.2 Beta 2 (Nov. 8th, 2016)