A complete prototype deck
The star ship in Star Ark is a Bussard interstellar ramjet (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bussard_ramjet for a nice little primer on the topic). The ship is designed to operate under constant acceleration and therefore is built like a tower with decks being placed one on top of each other. One may note the octagonal shaft in the center of the deck; this is the duct down which interstellar hydrogen is fed from the RAM scoop to the fusion engine in the engineering section below. Overall, the ship takes on the form of an octagonal tower comprised of five modules including (In order from fore to aft):

1) RAM scoop equipment module (contains the equipment which creates the magnetic RAM scoop ahead of the ship).

2) Habitat and administration module (contains crew quarters, offices, command and control, laboratories, sick bay and stasis pods for the colonists).

3) Life support module (contains the agriculture decks as well as air, water and carbon recycling equipment).

4) Cargo module (contains crates of spare star ship parts as well as colonization supplies [e.g. prefabricated shelters]).

5) Engineering module (contains the equipment required for propulsion and power generation).

Each of these modules in turn is made up of many of the decks as shown in this video. In this video, we take a tour of a prototype deck. Each deck is made up of a 3 x 3 matrix of scroll planes which in turn are made up of an array of 64 x 64 tiles.

On a technical note, this prototype deck will be used in the next round of testing that we are about to embark upon before further development occurs. This round of testing will be conducted in emulation (Regen, Gens mod K, BlastEm) and on original hardware (Genesis mods 1 & 2). We'll be making sure that all the graphics rendering is correct as well as testing player inputs and collision detection. Our plan is to give it to a 9 year old and see if she can break it.